Raffles Digital Infrastructure offers a wide range of scalable and optimized software solutions to fulfill the requirements of any companies.

The SaaS offerings have all the backend and technical aspects taken care of, allowing companies to utilize ready-made solution which translates to efficiency for the companies.

Inventory Management

Our inventory management SaaS allows business owners to gain a better understanding of their inventory data, liberating them from inefficiencies and costs ridden in traditional manual inventory management.

Human Resource Management

Our cloud based human resource management solution assists businesses in applicant tracking, attendance and leave management or payroll management. We also provide human resource analytics and compliance tools.

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain management tool facilitates the synchronization between the information of a business offering and global standards as well as shipping schedules. It allows managers and employees to access seamless database of their firm-specific supply network from anywhere.

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM SaaS offering acts as a customer relationship management tool, providing real time analytics and data from the customer procurement to finalization of sales. 

Cloud Database Management

Our database management tool can be used for storing, manipulating, and managing data in a database. Users are able to construct their own databases to satisfy their business requirements. 

Financial Risk Management

Our financial risk management software provides real time data and insights regarding a firm’s securities. It aids in the managing of credit and liquidity risks, ensuring businesses can finance their operations securely.

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